Monday, August 9, 2010


The end. It truly was a great adventure.

One that would have been impossible without the following people... To you... thank you, thank you thank you:

Theo Langason*
Chris Ward*
Dave Damm
Juniper Emmons
Jessica Emmons
Magnolia Emmons
World Whirl 3 (Jessica Emmons & Melissa Blatcher)
Steve Fritz
Kevin Emmons
Sleigh Bells
The Gritty Brits (Kyle Jakubowski)
Brian Biggs

Michael Bleming
Jesse Elder
Sonny Holliday
Pete Gambino
Dave Kain
Kyle Costill
Justin Emmons
The Dirty Projectors
Bon Hernandez
Frankie Gambino
The Rachel's
Allen Woll
Jeffrey Blatcher
Art and Electronic Media Spring 2010 Students
Eric Berry
Stephen McMaster
Gregory Kaminski
Chris Gambino
Frank Gambino
Starla Blatcher
Iris Blatcher
Bart Everts
Anna Matthews
Kent Turtz
Freedy Johnston
Joanna Newsom
John Cage
Marisa Habina
Steve Habina
Mike Phillips
Living Fiction
Sean Grieve
Nora Grieve
James Clark
Cathy Pizzo
Rosell Goldberg
And the viewers who took the time to watch this passion project. Big ups to you all!

* There could never be enough thank yous that I could give to these two gentlemen. Their music has inspired so much of this project.



  1. Allen Woll
    A fitting finale to a fascinating collection of videos. What first seemed a random collection of mini documentaries, they swiftly coalesced into the major themes of your artistic creations: friends and family, personal biography, music, students, New Jersey history, and the artistic process itself. While I have seen these in chronological order, I can foresee new levels of meaning as your films are viewed thematically or even alphabetically. A puzzling conundrum (in a good sense) which releases varieties of meaning with each viewing.

  2. Bobby,

    Kudos on having crossed the finish line. To have produced so much of such quality in so short a time is impressive. #52 was as direct and beautiful a bit of introspection as I can remember having ever seen. Thanks and congratulations.

  3. terrific finale bobby, and congratulations! this film was beautiful. i'll have to go to the beginning and see all these from the start, but it seems like the project has been about self-discovery all along. i love how you describe yourself at the end as a "mender of nets." i'd like to know more about that...

  4. Thank you Allen, Blake, and James! For watching and taking the time to comment.