Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thinkin in MCD's...



As many of you know, for the last six months I have been making two documentaries a week. Each episode premiered on Wednesday and Sunday.

This is my first Wednesday in a while that I haven't been scrambling to get the episode up. It's strange...

Also, when I'm out there - driving, running, reading... I'm still seeing with MINICONCEPTDOC eyes. I'm looking for stories, shots, concepts. I am fully immersed in the language of documentary.

Fortunately I am teaching an Honors seminar at Rutgers called Documentary, Audience, and Ethics. This will be another adventure in concept and approach. I am very excited. It will keep my documentary mind churning.


I am heartbroken, people. It wasn't until I had watched #52 QUESTION for about the third time, that I realized I left out a shot that I really loved. I set it aside to use in the introduction, but at about 4AM after hours of editing, I forgot to put the shot into the film.

It is what it is now, so I won't go back and re-edit the episode.

What I will do is present it to you now. It's just under a minute long, and may even be a bit boring for you. Love that coat I'm sporting:


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