Sunday, March 21, 2010



Another mini lesson in film history. This is a peek at my personal optical toy collection.

Once again, music by Chris Ward. This time you can hear one of my favorite pieces from my recent feature documentary, De Luxe: The Tale of the Blue Comet.

Enjoy, SPIN:



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  1. I have fond memories of building a zoetrope for my 4th grade science project. It was pretty crude. I think it was an old oatmeal canister or something similar. The animation was of someone dribbling a ball.

    I wonder if a really interesting way to pursue further short documentaries would be to produce them specifically for a kinetoscope. Not that they would really need to play on a kinetoscope, but rather, short little actualit├ęs which looped, and must be viewed through a little peep-in window, a kind of anti-cinematic (in the sense of grandeur) viewpoint; instead forcibly personal. Given how cheap equipment is, I know I've seen something similar, but used more as a way to have multiple video loops going. I don't believe the point was to get someone to press their face up against a hood and look in.

    I'm also interested in the attention issues-the zoetrope, et al, have such short little loops, but must have been terribly exciting in their time. I can't even make it through most youtube videos, so this (perhaps imagined) simple wonderment at a moving image excites me.