Monday, June 17, 2013

De Luxe: The Tale of the Blue Comet - Excerpts Now Available Online

Just in time for summer and the ubiquitous travel to the Jersey shore, now, for the first time, you can watch excerpts from my documentary feature De Luxe: The Tale of the Blue Comet on my YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy these selected segments.

The Blue Comet was a named passenger train operated by the Central Railroad of New Jersey from 1929 to 1941 between Jersey City and Atlantic City. Designed by Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ) president R.B. White and his team in 1928, the train took passengers from Communipaw Terminal in Jersey City (via a ferry from New York City) to Atlantic City, making the total trip from Manhattan to Atlantic City in three hours. The locomotive and its consist, including a dining and observation car, were painted in dinstict blues and cream which gave the train its unique and memorable appearance. The documentary De Luxe: The Tale of the Blue Comet traces the train's rapid creation to the fateful crash that ultimately led to its sad demise. The story of the Blue Comet is set against the backdrop of Depression Era America and the development of the highway system and transportation in New Jersey. It is a dinstinct tale of American and New Jersey culture and history.

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  1. Robert, how can I obtain a full copy of your DVD? I'm a big fan of the Blue Comet. Thanks.