Saturday, July 2, 2011

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So, we have returned from our fruitful trip to interview Stephen O'Day. Stephen was kind enough to answer all our questions as well as open his collection to us. Needless to say, it is remarkable.

From our  interview I have the first sample of footage from the film. As filming progresses I will post clips in various stages of rough or final edit.

This is a clip of Stephen mentioning some of the other pieces of literature that criticized comics concurrently with Dr. Wertham.

I did some lighting and color grading to experiment with the what will be the look of the final interviews. As you can see I will be using backdrops for this picture, a first for me.

The technique: spray-painted garden weed prevention liner! The colors for subsequent backdrops will increase in their boldness as they are meant to represent the bold colors used in the comics.

Excerpt of Stephen O'Day:


ANNOUNCEMENT: David Hajdu has agreed to participate in the film and it appears we will be meeting with him in mid-July. We are most excited by this, as his work is very important to the film. Mr. Hajdu's Ten-Cent Plague will be the backbone for the narrative.

More in a week!

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