Monday, July 25, 2011

Diagram for Delinquents Update #12: Undercovers


Once again, we begin with another Diagram for Delinquents promotional card. Top prize to the reader that collects them all!! This week's is another minimalist promo, but has a starkness and color I appreciate. I heightened the ever present and always charming 4CP process in those old rags. Gotta love those dots! The more I look at this promo, the one I think, "This is the one." Thoughts? Also, if YOU would like to create your own Diagram for Delinquents promo, please send them to raemmonsjr@gmail.com and we'll display them here. A prize to each contributor!

What a weekend, readers! We had a truly wonderful time meeting (in-person) and filming our subjects this weekend.

First, large, large thanks go to Dr. Steven Kirsh and his family for allowing us to visit, chat, and film. They were gracious beyond any expectations. As we filmed we were immediately struck by Steve's comfort with the camera and his conversational and compelling style. What he has to bring to the film will go a long way. To demonstrate that, I decided to create another video promo with an ecxerpt from his interview. It's called, Undercovers. (See below)

Second, WE HAD A STROKE OF LUCK. Just as I was lamenting that I had no success in contacting anyone involved in the comic book burnings in the late 40's I made contact.

Only three days before our departure I was able to schedule an interview with Vincent Hawley, who was at the Binghamton burnings at St. Pattrick's Academy. He was kind enough to let us visit his vacation home and he talked about that cold day in December of 1948. There is nothing like capturing a first person point of view when one is trying to track down a moment in history. That's where life resides in history, through the individual, his story, his life, his recollections.

Our time in Binghamton was also greatly aided by Gerry Smith, Broome County Historian at the Broome County Public Library and Camille Muscatello, of the Development & Alumni Affairs Office of the Catholic Schools of Broome County. They gave much of their time to us and their leads and information have already and will continue to make contributions to Diagram for Delinquents.

And now for the newest video promo for Diagram for Delinquents: Fredric Wertham and the Evolution of Comic Books:



Coming this weekend: Our interview with Bart Beaty, author of Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture. We can't wait to begin this important and essential interview for our picture.

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