Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For the record, I am aware of the two ironies in today's MINICONCEPTDOC.

The first is that the random word: FIFTY, came up on the 49th MCD. To be honest, I kind of prefer it that way. I like the 49, 50 "sequence" happening over the FIFTY on #50 coincidence. That's just too obvious!

The other irony that occurs, which is done with complete purpose, is we see a film about an instrument that we never actually hear in the film. That seemed too obvious. Instead, I went to my friend, actor, performer, artist, musician, Kyle Jakubowski, and he graciously provided a haunting and perfectly appropriate track.

Thank you Kyle. You can see and hear more of his work here: http://www.kylej.org/.

In the film, you will also see a close-up of the fantastic artist, musician, and Renaissance man Brian Biggs. If you want to be blown away and feel insignificant about what you can do (Illustration at left), see all that he can do here: http://mrbiggs.com/.

The cause for the footage, shot eight years ago, was as part of a documentary I was making on the accordion in America. A major part of the film was the Acme Accordion School.

You can see a sample of the film, SQUEEZE here:

My favorite part of the day, was the group picture in front of the school celebrating it's anniversary of FIFTY years. It was chaotic and exciting. The film footage from that day, and it was ACTUAL film, you know, the celluloid stuff, it has an "out of time" film to it that I love. The grain, the scratches, the jumpiness. Its aesthetic qualities match that of the instrument it is filming. There's something lost, nostalgic, mysterious about it.


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