Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am exhausted. It's late and I've labored over this film. This MINICONCEPTDOC was taxing, twofold.

One, I feel a little vulnerable revealing this part of my past.

Two, every time I watch the SS Morro Castle footage it makes me cry.

It's tragic, heartbreaking, frightening. I guess it compares to my dream in that, for me, as for them, we had no control of the circumstances. We were all at the mercy of something much larger than us. And that's terrifying.

The music you hear is quite special. It's been my goal to use music made by friends and not music out there already... But 3 out of 52 isn't bad, right? Today's music is by Rachel's. They've made some of the saddest music I have ever heard. I own all their albums on vinyl. For some reason I have always preferred to listen to them that way. The format just suits their music. They share an aesthetic.

Quite a few documentaries have used their evocative sounds. Most recently the quite good HBO documentary GASLAND has featured their music.

As a band, they haven't made an album for about half a decade. But the band's namesake, Rachel Grimes, made a record recently called Book of Leaves. Read more about that.

Their first album came out when I was in college and because of that it has always represented a particular part of my life. The songs in today's MCD were also used in the very first film I ever made in college. It was shot on 16MM B&W film. It was heavy-handed, over-dramatic, and pretentious. I'm still proud of it.

From then, to now, I give you NAUTICAL:


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