Monday, July 19, 2010


Ever since I realized I was close to completing an alphabet's worth of MINICONCEPTDOCS, I've become driven to complete that.

There have been four letters that have consistently eluded the random word generator: K, Q, X, and Y. Criminals!

To keep this as challenging as possible, I ask you to provide the final words for the MCD alphabet. Come on. I need you. Justin? Kyle? Who reads this thing? Who knows??

Whew.... I'm getting worked up over this. Let me calm down... Let's just get back to the mission at hand: MCD ALPHABET.

Actually, X can now be removed, as Allen Woll so graciously provided that challenge, which you can watch here today.

So please... suggestions! K, Q, Y we're coming for you!

On to today's film.

I won't reveal too much about this little documentary. It's a little historical injustice, it's a little tale on reputation, it's a lesson in bad press.

Execution wise, I think it could be tighter. That's on me though. I think it could be written better. But you know, the time constraints are tough!

A lot of people came through in the11th hour and gave their time so I could make this. I want to give extra thanks to those last minute collaborators: Anna Mathews, Pete Gambino, Jeff Blatcher, & Kent Turtz.

And thanks to Allen for the concept!


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  1. Informative and fun. Love the cover. What WAS up with that Xenophon guy? Really.