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I've been sitting on AMUSEMENT for a while waiting for just the right moment. That came yesterday with the arrival of Collingswood's May Fair.

I remember the humble beginnings of this festival. It has graduated to full-blown mayhem!

I used the opportunity to do another continuous take, as in PROMISE, GROUND-LEVEL, RISE, and SECRETIVE. Also, I used it as an opportunity to try my first over-cranking with the Canon 7D.

You see, most of the time when you want to achieve slow-motion in video it is applied as a post-production effect. It's not true slow-motion, and as such, can look a little jumpy, or "fake". The computer plays the footage slower but it blends frames and uses other techniques to compensate for how video operates, with its line interlacing and such...

However, in using the 7D I can record at 60 frames, because it records to hard disk and has multiple frame rate options, and then transcode the footage to 24 progressive frames per second. This works just like slow-motion for traditional, celluloid film: You film at a faster speed (over-crank), then when you play back at 24 frames per second (the standard fps for motion pictures), thus, the film is slower.

The result is a much more convincing slow-motion shot.

I'm happy with it!

Keep a close eye on the crowd. There's an awful lot of characters making their way through. I have my favorite. Who's yours?

Also, in my opinion. This is a masterwork track by Mr. Theo Langason. It adds a surreal element to the short. It's another perfect match. This guy, he should be producing for the heavyweights. I would love to see him working with Kid Cudi. That would be a Grammy for all right there.

If possible, please watch the 720P HD version available at the YOUTUBE site. It looks much better.

Now dear reader, enter the carnival of madness in... AMUSEMENT:



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