Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Change in Word Generation and MINICONCEPTDOC #4: RABBLEMENT


RABBLEMENT Premiering on Sunday, February 21, 2010.

Ok. Don't be sore with me... But I am changing my random word generator. I don't only want to use nouns and I don't want to select from other word types, I want it to be completely random.

So, in this effort I am going to my of my favorite informational sources, and my FAVORITE lexicographical source, the Oxford English Dictionary!

They have a link on their homepage called: "Lost for words? Get an entry"

This little wingdinger randomly picks a word from the entire OED for you. Now that's fun!! Especially since the best part of the OED is the word's etymology.

On a related note, two of the best books I have ever read are about the writing of the OED. One is a general history and the other is about the special relationship between two key men on the project. It's editor and a writer of many of the entries.

The first is called The Meaning of Everything.

The latter is called The Professor and the Madman.

Both are written by the excellent Simon Winchester. I recommend them to you all!

And with this change, the first word from our new method is: RABBLEMENT


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