Sunday, November 4, 2012

Diagram for Delinquents Update #25: The Wild Spree of the LaughingSadist


There is, has been, and will always be one driving debate within media studies:

How does media affect society?

The question of does media affect society is certainly answered: Yes.

How, is another story.

The center of the historical debate in our documentary is: Did comics have any correlation to the rise of juvenile delinquency in the mid-twentieth century United States? And if so... how?

Regardless of if they actually did or not, something was certainly done about it in a effort to make sure it wouldn't happen again... At least not through comic books.

When one browses the wide selection of Crime Does Not Pay covers, one can easily see why a lot of people were upset about what children were perusing on the drugstore racks, keeping securely folded and tucked in their back pockets, and pouring over as they were hidden away in the safety of their bedrooms.

Let's hear what Wertham and Azzarello have to say about the seductive powers of comic books:


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