Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diagram for Delinquents Update #15: Collective Nightmare to Collector's Dream


1.) Here is a strange, but intriguing Diagram for Delinquent promo inspired by and ripped from a classic ad YOU may have seen in those old comic books. Dangerous stuff, kiddies! Dangerous! Twelve years dungeon!

2.) We have another clip this week. This comes from Jim Trombetta, author of The Horror! The Horror! It was a lot of fun interviewing Jim. He has a great, and unique, perspective on things and when you give him the ball, he runs with it! I know it was fun for me and the crew to listen to Jim and to really just follow wherever he wanted to take us in the conversation.

3.) Also, don't forgot... We have a big week coming up. On Tuesday we will be interviewing James Reibman and on Wednesday we will be with David Hajdu. Big ideas, and big days for the picture.

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  1. Some random thoughts: I think the fact Wertham was based in New York certainly shaped his view. Though he was not a psychoanalyst as much as he was a psychiatrist (he seems to really dislike the psychoanalytic school), the NY school of thought seemed to be more traditional than what was going on in the Washington school of psychoanalysis. Wertham is very critical of Harry Stack Sullivan, a Washington DC psychotherapist who, for all intents and purposes, was one of the two people responsible for revolutionizing psychoanalysis and making it about relationships instead of sex alone. I am not sure why Wertham would bash a man with such a socially concerned worldview, except that Wertham was affected by the more rigid ways of thinking in the New York schools.