Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cover-ups, Nostalgia, Alt-Country, and the Band


Yesterday I was looking for a couple of cd's that I thought I imported into iTunes, but hadn't yet.

As I dug through a pile of plastic cases (what a waste!) I came upon music from one of my old bands: Cordalene.

The band at the time was Jamie Olson, Jim McGuinn, James Clark, and me

I saw those cd's and I snatched 'em up and ripped 'em.

It's good to hear the ol' band again.

I think I'll share some highlights with you.

First, we didn't cover many songs... only three to my memory. A little something from Wilco, The Velvet Uniderground, and Alex Chilton. I have two, but I cannot find the Chilton track. I know we have a live track of it from a Sonic Session we jumped on after a --- show. Jim??

For now, I'll share our attempts at Shouldn't Be Shamed by Wilco, and Who Loves the Sun by VU. They come from two different sessions:

Shouldn't be Ashamed 

Who Loves the Sun

Not so bad, huh?

Tomorrow I'll post some originals.


  1. Bobby, I had forgotten about the Wilco cover and the SoundGun sessions, believe it or not, so I'd love a copy for myself (put one of those wasteful plastic cases to good use).

    As for the Chilton cover, no idea. I've got some old disks in the basement I could check, though.

  2. Tomorrow Never Knows.