Wednesday, March 10, 2010



My idea for the MINICONCEPTDOC project came from a couple of places. First, I have friends that have participated in "a-photo-a-day" blogs, and I have been seeing similar things pop-up over the last five years.

My friend Michael made a song a day for a whole year some years back (Before this became a phenomenon!). I've also seen blogs for "a-poem-day", or short story Twitter contests.

I have always appreciated the challenge of these endeavors and decided to jump in on it.

The final "convincer" was a contest on Vimeo I was invited to. It's called Very Short Documentaries. The challenge is to make a documentary no longer that 1 minute based on a given topic. A new topic is given about each month. The first challenge was "Happiness".

I used a film I already had in the bag for that one.

So with that, I threw my hat in the ring with their contest and started my own blog around the same idea. I wanted to push myself i the hopes that these ideas could be a platform on a springboard for new, bigger ideas.

The second topic for Very Short Documentaries has just been announced: "Odd"

For Wednesday's MCD I created a "twofer". I am using "Odd" for both my MCD blog and the Very Short Documentary Vimeo contest.

I won't say much about what I've done. Instead, I will ask YOU a question:

What is "odd" in/about this film?

This week's score was donated by Jessica Emmons and Melissa Blatcher as World Whirl 3. Their track was oddly inspiring!



  1. What is odd about this video is that you managed to give every gas station the background music they deserve. gas prices make every trip to the pump a creepy mystery with the threat of lost limbs (I.E. arm leg.)

  2. Without images of your beard, this is not as odd as it could be.