Thursday, February 11, 2010



So many ideas to explore with "vintage".

With this though, one thing occurred to me right away and kept popping back up as I explored different ideas... and that was vintage films.

And by vintage, I mean those very first images that were set down on film over a 110 years ago.

As I worked on my dissertation, the history and nature of documentary was a constant focus during production. The birth of cinema is also the birth of documentary, and I find that notion quite extraordinary. The narration from this short comes from a section of the written portion of my dissertation.

When I talk about documentary film, I make sure to mention that the very first films made were short reality pieces. In a way, they are the inspiration for this project.

I tried to take the form of this short in an opposite direction from the last one. I had the time to edit again so I was afforded the opportunity. I am excited for the day when I don't have the time or means to edit, and the whole short will be shot and posted from my mytouch phone! Exploring fidelity is as exciting as exploring form!

The musical selection for this short was created by Chris Ward. It was originally written and recorded for DE LUXE: THE TALE OF THE BLUE COMET, but I couldn't find a spot for it. I've always liked the piece very much, so I am happy I have now given it a home where it can be appreciated,

And now, I give you VINTAGE:



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  1. This makes me think of my favorite early cinema-the Great Train Robbery. That final shot of the bandito firing directly at you is such a powerful image of the meaning of cinema.

    I think it would be interesting to think about the photographic origins of cinema too-much of the earliest photography is interesting in the same way, as documents of everyday life (or a strange conflation of the everyday and the exotic).