Thursday, February 25, 2010



I know, I know... this is turning me into the ever-popular political derogatory: flip-flopper. But what can I say. I am experimenting with the best possible way of generating topics for my MINICONCEPTDOCS...

{BTW - No one has taken up my offer on trumping a topic with their own suggestion. What does this mean? Nobody's reading and watching and nobody cares! But that's ok! I'm doing this for my own creative pursuits.}

Getting back to the task at hand... I am returning to the previously used word generator, which I stopped using because it generated nouns only. I wanted to have a larger pool, so I moved to the OED. However, I'm just too nervous of the possibility of something so esoteric, that I will have no ideas!

The old generator has a "PLUS" version.

Here it is: http://watchout4snakes.com/CreativityTools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx

This plus edition allows you to generate words from various parts of speech: Noun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Interjection, and Preposition.

And you can select the complexity of the word: Very Common, Common, Average, Somewhat Uncommon, Uncommon, Very Uncommon, Obscure.

My plan is to rotate through the parts of speech and keep the complexity of the word at "average". That seems fair, right?

If this doesn't work out, I reserve the right to change the generator again!


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