Monday, January 25, 2010

Bears and Chipmunks


Some new Edison Proposal news!


My birthday/graduation party was on Saturday. It was snazzy.

Following the party, the EP got together to practice.

I had to stick around after the party to help clean up so I arrived at practice about an hour late. As I was driving I thought to myself, "I hope they write a new song and I can just show up and jump in."

Well, that's exactly what happened. And it's a good one! At least I think so. My new plan is to now show up an hour late to all practices!

With the addition of the two new songs, I think we have a good set list coming together for the February 12th show with Jemina Pearl at the M Room.


Friday, Feb 12th / 9pm @ M Room

Jemina Pearl (of Be Your Own Pet)
Ecstatic Peace Records-- Jemina Pearl is the former frontgal for Nashville garage popsters Be Your Own Pet. With the Edison Proposal

Here is a video demo of our new song. It's called Dizzy Grizzly. Best part about this video: Delicate High-Five ending!

EP: New Demo, "Dizzy Grizzly" from PUDP on Vimeo.


In further EP news...

I think we have a chance to go viral! In my worldview, more than imitation, parody is the highest form of flattery. And with that, the Edison Proposal have been chipmunked!

Check out this new perspective on our song "Stalker". Not sure who it is... I'm guessing a student of P.G.'s.



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