Monday, December 14, 2009

For Sale



So, I finally have ALL of my major documentaries available to purchase.

I've been struggling for a while to come up with a cover that I could be happy with for YARDSALE! I went through about four different versions, but they always tasted bad to me. Finally I asked a graphic design student to take on the task. He was enthusiastic and came up with something very quickly. I like it. It's very "organic", if I can describe it that way. The cover design/image was hand-constructed, then photographed instead of the usual digital illustration, involving some photographic elements.

Now that YARDSALE! is complete, I put that and my other doc short, Wolf at the Door up for sale.

You can get them just in time for the Holidays at robertemmons.com


Very big meeting tonight for a project I am an adviser on. It is to be a tour-able performance piece based on Whitman. My role is to help with any possible video installation work.

I was very excited to get the call to be a part of the project. I hold a special place for old W. and anytime I can work with him it makes me happy.

The most pleasure I had in writing something was an article for the Mickle Street Review about the appearance of W. in a series of Jeremy Eaton comics. The article can be found in the Features section and is titled, "Walt Whitman in the Pulpy Flesh: The Poet as Illustrated in the Comics of Jeremy Eaton": http://micklestreet.rutgers.edu/

Also, I was lucky enough to snatch up the original illustration for one of the strips called "Young Walt Sees a Skull With Hair on It." It's based on a actual incident during Walt's tenure as a reporter for the New York Aurora. He detailed it in a series of articles in 1842.

Although Whitman is a highly photographed figure there is no photographic record of the early years of his life, for obvious reasons. I imagine he looked not too different from this 1848 portrait, with a little less gray, I'm sure.

That is how Eaton imagines him as well.

Whitman as Reporter


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