Friday, December 11, 2009

An Edison Proposal Christmas

After our record release show we were asked to record a song for the Arbor Records Christmas Album. Needless to say we were honored and happy! All the bands doing a song get to record it at Gradwell. In an effort to be prepared we began immediately to come up with something so we could demo it to be ready for the studio visit.

So... we had a Christmas song semi-worked-out (new hyph word)...

Justin, Kyle, and myself got together to massage it a bit more and do a quick demo. The song is in two parts. It had a rhythmic beginning built on a keyboard arpeggio loop. I was way into it.

Unfortunately, we just couldn't make it happen. We couldn't lock in a groove on it, and for all that it sounded good when we played it live, it just didn't translate to a recording.

So for about 90 mins. we tampered with it.

Pretty much until I started screaming, cursing, and punching in the air. (For those that know me, I'm sure you can easily imagine this). On a side note, Kyle stayed calm throughout the whole process. We eventually dropped the arpeggio, which Kyle had said from the beginning was going to be a "no go".

I felt pretty defeated and just started to play some chords on the keyboard with the bells setting. Kyle then sat next to me and played a run on the same keyboard with the high keys. Justin picked up the sleigh bells and chimed away in the background. It sounded sweat! We quickly recorded it.

I threw down an extra track of sleigh bells, then Justin cut an impromptu groovy drum beat.

We now have the first part of the Christmas song.

I pasted this first part with a live recording of the second part from two weeks ago. It was recording on Pete's camera phone.

For the final version, Kyle will sing Part I, and I will sing Part II (You can slightly hear me singing in this part on the demo).

And here is the demo.


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