Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue in the Face



My friend Matt Sorrento is a film critic for Filmthreat.com, as I have previously mentioned.

At 4:00PM I received a call:

MATT: What are you doing tonight?

BBY: Nothing, I don't think... What's up?

MATT: I have a +1 for a screening tonight.

(Now this isn't unusual. Matt often calls me with +1 tickets for critic's preview screenings. Often, I cannot do them, which is sad, because it makes me happy when he calls and asks!)

BBY: Oh yeah, what is it?

MATT: (Long Pause)

MATT: Avatar

BBY: (Long Pause)

BBY: Let me call you right back!

(Brief interlude to make sure my schedule at home is clear. Then a quick call to Matt.)

BBY: Hey! I'm in!

Blue aliens, revolutionary filmmaking techniques... I'm hoping for another Aliens. At first I wasn't sure about the film, then some positive reviews have been popping up. Including this one by Roger Ebert: READ REVIEW.

Speaking of Aliens, did you forget how abstract and cool the original trailer was for the first part, Alien? If you did, check it here:


On a final note of badassness, a special part of my childhood is being redone in theaters very soon.

As many kids my age did, I fell in love with Clash of the Titans immediately. It had all the elements: Gods, magic, destiny, swords, monsters, heroes, beauties, and all the trappings of great fantasy.

Unlike others my age that I have looked fondly back on this film with, I haven't met anyone that had the ACTION FIGURES, like I did! These were some of my proudest toys. I had Perseus... and I even had Death! I love those little fellas... Perseus' shield was my favorite. I would love to own those again.

I must say, the trailer for the new remake has my knees knockin' I am excited to relive those adventures... Though I know the action figures will never be as cool.


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