Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Edison Proposal Record Release Show

I would call this more a party than a show. It was fantastic. The three bands that opened were all friends, and they were all superb.

The Not Fur Longs started things off with a sweet, and I mean saccharin, set that was uplifting! I was ecstatic that the Castle Arms reformed to play, and they were tight, and they rocked. The Angel of Death song (Not sure of the real title) is a hit!

And finally, my musical career was completed. I finally was able to share the stage with the Ages. The venerable group showed us all how to do it! Those boys brought it, and made a lot of sweet sound come from three men.

It would have been a hollow experience if it were not for the droves of friends, family, and loves that came to share in the raucous rock-n-roll extravaganza. If I never played in a band again I could carry that night with me forever and be satisfied.

It was a hot box of sweat, emotion, and exctiement, and I am thankful for it.

I am very thankful for J Tagmire filming the evening's set. I must say I am satisfied with watching how we performed. Sometimes you just get lost in it on stage. We were lost in it, and we were better for it. I think the video represents the show we wanted to give all those that came.

Check it here: The Edison Proposal Records Release Show

You can see the whole set!

Here is the lead off song:


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